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Application Operations Management

Application Operations Management (AOM) is a cloud O&M platform for O&M personnel, developers, operations personnel, and IT managers. It monitors metrics of cloud resources, networks, middleware, services, and mobile apps…

Progressive Knowledge

AOM knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Application Operations Management (AOM) is a one-stop, multi-dimensional O&M platform for cloud applications.


If you use Application Operations Management (AOM) for the first time, subscribe to it first.


This document describes how to use APIs to perform operations on AOM, such as creation, deletion, and query.


AOM billing modes and configurations are available for you to select.

Be a Power User

AOM can monitor your applications and related cloud resources in real time, analyze their status, and display their information on dashboards, enabling you to quickly detect alarms and comprehensively learn the status of applications, services, and other resources.

Permissions Management

ICAgent Management

Resources Monitoring

Alarm Center

Log Management