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API Overview

Updated at: Jan 10, 2020 GMT+08:00

APIs provided by SFS include SFS APIs, SFS Turbo APIs, and native OpenStack APIs.

These APIs allow you to use all SFS functions.

The SFS API rate limit is 400 calls/minute. Therefore, if you need to call a large number of APIs at a time, some APIs may fail to be called. You are advised to evenly arrange API calls.

Some APIs provided by SFS are the same as those provided by OpenStack Manila of the Mitaka version. For details about how to use them, visit the community:

For details about whether an SFS API supports Enterprise Project, see API Permissions.

If the description about an API in this document differs from that in the community, the description in this document prevails.

Table 1 API classification

File System Type






Tags for a shared file system

You can use APIs in this category to tag your shared file system, making them easier to be managed.


Native OpenStack APIs

Querying API versions

You can use APIs in this category to query the versions and details of all APIs.

Shared file system

You can use APIs in this category to create shared file system and obtain detailed information about them, such as the shared paths.

Share access rules

You can use APIs in this category to add, modify, and delete share access rules, such as configuring VPC.

Quota management

If the number of created shared file systems reaches the upper limit, you can increase quota by using APIs in this category.

Capacity expansion and reduction

If you want to change the capacity of a created shared file system, you can use APIs in this category to expand or reduce the capacity.

SFS Turbo

SFS Turbo APIs

Lifecycle management

Include creating file systems, deleting file systems, querying file system lists, and querying file system details.

Storage capacity management

Expand the capacity of a specified file system.

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