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Configuring the Application

Updated at: May 28, 2020 GMT+08:00

Logging In to the Server

On the Service Management page of the BCS console, locate the service and choose More > Change Access Address in the Operation column to view the access address. Then, log in to the node server where the service is deployed.

Downloading Certificates

  1. On the Service Management page of the BCS console, click next to the target service and download certificates in the Operation column of the organization list.

    You need to download one orderer administrator certificate and one peer administrator certificate for this demo application.

    Keep the private key in the downloaded certificate secure. You are advised to encrypt the private key for storage.

  2. Log in to the prepared server, create a marblesdemo directory on the server, and save the downloaded certificate files to the marblesdemo directory.

Downloading SDK Configuration

  1. Click More > Download SDK Configuration on the Service Management page.

  2. Set the SDK file parameters as described in the following table.



    Chaincode Name

    Enter a customized chaincode name, for example, marbles.

    Chaincode Version

    Enter a customized version number, for example, 1.0.

    Certificate Root Path

    Fill in a valid directory, for example, /opt/gopath/src/


    Select an existing channel, for example, c12345.


    Retain all the automatically selected peers.

  3. Click Download, decompress the .yaml file, and save it to the created marblesdemo directory.

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