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Updated at: Jun 28, 2019 GMT+08:00

The best practice for HUAWEI CLOUD FunctionGraph guides you through image watermarking based on a function.


  • Upload images to a specified OBS bucket.
  • Watermark each uploaded image.
  • Upload the processed images to another specified OBS bucket.
    1. This tutorial uses two different OBS buckets.
    2. The function you create must be in the same region (default region) as the OBS buckets.


  • Create two buckets on the OBS console.
  • Create a function with an OBS trigger.
  • Upload an image to one of the buckets.
  • The function is triggered to watermark the image.
  • The function uploads the processed image to the other bucket.

    After you complete this tutorial, your HUAWEI CLOUD account will have the following resources:

    1. Two OBS buckets (respectively used for storing uploaded and processed images)
    2. An image watermarking function
    3. An OBS trigger used for associating the function with the OBS buckets

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