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What Are the Types of MDF Reimbursement?

Updated at:May 27, 2020 GMT+08:00

Marketing activities for which MDF is granted shall be executed in strict accordance with the national laws and regulations. In case of any violations, partners and related personnel shall be held legally accountable.

  • Types of expenses that can be reimbursed by MDF

    Activity Type



    For end users:

    Exhibitions, workshops/on-site meetings of customers, industry forums held with third parties, exhibition halls, visits to Huawei, and tour exhibitions

    Digital marketing

    Including website, EDM, search, Apps, WeChat, and Weibo


    Advertisement including print advertisement and multimedia advertisements and media publicity including news, advertorial, and on-line special edition


    Other activities that are planned independently by HUAWEI CLOUD partners and comply with MDF use regulations




    Normal and reasonable expense types arising from standardized marketing activities, including but not limited to site fees, sponsorship fees, fees for lecturers, service charges for conference service companies, catering fees, transportation expenses

    Marketing materials

    Product materials including product manuals and brochures, promotional pamphlets, and successful cases


    Including advertising expenses (for idea designing, printing and producing, and releasing), copywriting expenses, and direct mailing expenses


    The unit price of regular visiting gifts customized by HUAWEI CLOUD partners in a batch must not exceed CNY 200.

    A proper number of gifts are allowed for marketing activities and the gift expense per capita must not exceed CNY 200.

  • The expenses that cannot no be reimbursed by MDF are listed as follows:
    • HUAWEI CLOUD products
    • HUAWEI CLOUD certification test coupons
    • Dance halls, karaoke, nightclubs, and cocktail parties
    • Entertainment industry (referring to cultural entertainment, such as artistic performance, concerts, and plays), fitness, invoices of clubs, scenic spot tickets, and guide fees
    • Bathing, foot bath, and beauty salon
    • Consumption cards and shopping cards
    • Products for mother and child care, and toys
    • Personnel invoices, including but not limited to the expenses such as enrollment (for example, MBA enrollment), nurseries, driving learning, and decoration
    • Gold and silver jewelry, cosmetics, clothes, belts, watches, glasses, sporting goods (equipment), petrol fees, transportation cards, and prepaid recharge cards
    • Health care products (such as ginseng and velvet) and medicine

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