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Why Does Transaction Debugging Frequently Fail?

Updated at: May 25, 2020 GMT+08:00

Ensure that the following conditions are met before debugging:

  • The resource group is running.
  • Ports 32001 and 32002 on the management node of the resource group are enabled in the security group.
  • The network between the management node of the resource group and the tested application is normal.
    1. Log in to the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) management console.
    2. Find the management and execution nodes. Then, log in to the nodes.
    3. Run the curl url command (url is the URL of the tested application) to check whether the network is normal.

After confirming that the preceding conditions are met, debug the transaction and check whether the returned content is correct on the Result tab page.

Figure 1 Debugging results

If the returned content contains error information:

Check whether the entered parameters and configured contents of the packet are correct.

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