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What Are the Scenarios to Which DES Is Applicable?

Updated at: Apr 25, 2019 GMT+08:00

DES is applicable to the following scenarios:

  • Migration of raw big data: Migrate raw data of genetics engineering, oil exploration, meteorological research, and Internet of Things (IoT) to Object Storage Service (OBS) of HUAWEI CLOUD.
  • Reception of interchangeable data: If users often transmit data services through physical storage media, data can be transferred to the object storage service to exchange data on the cloud.
  • Website content migration: Migrate static resources, such as static website content, images, scripts, and videos to OBS.
  • Offline data backup: Send full or incremental backups to HUAWEI CLOUD OBS to implement reliable and redundant off-site storage. This can be used along with the hybrid cloud backup solution.
  • Disaster recovery: If a large amount of data needs to be prepared for disaster recovery, the cost-effective offline service, DES, can be used for initial synchronization.

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