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Updated at: Dec 15, 2019 GMT+08:00

The IoT platform provides a wealth of RESTful APIs and SDKs to ease application development. Application development is the process in which an application calls APIs of the IoT platform to implement service scenarios such as secure access, device management, data collection, and command delivery. Download the corresponding resource files as required.

Resource Package


Download Link

Application Development Java API Demo

The IoT platform provides the RESTful API for application developers to quickly experience open API capabilities, service functions, and service processes.

For details, see Northbound API Reference.

Application Development Java API Demo

Application Development Java SDK

The Java SDK provides Java methods to call RESTful APIs to communicate with the IoT platform. The Java SDK Demo provides the code sample for calling the SDK APIs.

For details, see Northbound Java SDK API Reference and Java SDK Usage Guide.


In some scenarios where the NA is connected to the IoT platform, the corresponding certificates must be loaded to the NA. For details about the directory structure of the certificate package and the usage of each certificate, see Table 1.

Certificate Package


This certificate package is used only for interconnection with the IoT platform deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Table 1 Certificate information

Certificate Package Name

Level-1 Directory

Level-2 Directory

Level-3 Directory



Northbound API



The certificates in this directory are used when the NA calls IoT platform APIs using HTTPS. Select the certificate in the corresponding directory based on the programming language of the NA, and load the certificate to the NA.





The certificate in this directory is used when Postman tests the IoT platform APIs using HTTPS.

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