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Updated at: Dec 31, 2019 GMT+08:00

The SDK interfaces based on the Glance v2 API are as follows. Invocation example: conn.image.upload_image()




Image Operations

upload_image(self, container_format=None, disk_format=None, data=None, **attrs)

POST /v2/images

PUT /v2/images/{image_id}/file

delete_image(self, image, ignore_missing=True)

DELETE /v2/images/{image_id}

find_image(self, name_or_id, ignore_missing=True)

GET /v2/images

get_image(self, image)

GET /v2/images/{image_id}

images(self, **query)

GET /v2/images

add_tag(self, image, tag)

PUT /v2/images/{image_id}/tags/{tag}

remove_tag(self, image, tag)

DELETE /v2/images/{image_id}/tags/{tag}

Member Operations

add_member(self, image, **attrs)

POST /v2/images/{image_id}/members

remove_member(self, member, image, ignore_missing=True)

DELETE /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}

find_member(self, name_or_id, image, ignore_missing=True)

GET /v2/images/{image_id}/members

get_member(self, member, image)

GET /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}

members(self, image)

GET /v2/images/{image_id}/members

update_member(self, member, image, **attrs)

PUT /v2/images/{image_id}/members/{member_id}

The SDK interfaces based on the IMS v2 API are as follows. Invocation example: conn.ims.create_cloudimage()




Cloudimage Operations

cloudimages(self, **query)

GET /v2/cloudimages

update_cloudimage(self, cloudimage_id, **data)

PATCH /v2/cloudimages/{image_id}

create_cloudimage(self, **data)

POST /v2/cloudimages/action

get_job(self, job_id):

GET /v1/{project_id}/jobs/{job_id}

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