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Cloud Eye

Updated at: Dec 31, 2019 GMT+08:00

The SDK interfaces based on the Cloud Eye v1.0 API are as follows. For details about the invoking methods, see the sample codes.





List<? extends Metric> getList(MetricFilterOptions options);

GET /V1.0/{project_id}/metrics


List<? extends Alarm> list(AlarmFilterOptions options);

GET /V1.0/{project_id}/alarms

List<? extends Alarm> get(String alarmId);

GET /V1.0/{project_id}/alarms/{alarm_id}

ActionResponse startAlarm(String alarmId)

PUT /V1.0/{project_id}/alarms/{alarm_id}/action

ActionResponse stopAlarm(String alarmId)

PUT /V1.0/{project_id}/alarms/{alarm_id}/action

ActionResponse deleteAlarm(String alarmId);

DELETE /V1.0/{project_id}/alarms/{alarm_id}


MetricAggregation get(String namespace, String metric_name, Date from, Date to, Period period, Filter filter, String[] dimValues);

GET /V1.0/{project_id}/metric-data

ActionResponse add(List<? extends MetricData> metrics);

POST /V1.0/{project_id}/metric-data


CloudEyeQuota get();

GET /V1.0/{project_id}/quotas

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