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Computing Services

Updated at:Dec 15, 2019 GMT+08:00

This section describes the Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Bare Metal Server (BMS), and Image Management Service (IMS) to help you better understand these computing services.


An ECS is a computing server consisting of CPUs, memory, images, and EVS disks that allows on-demand allocation and elastic scaling. With VPCs, virtual firewalls, and multi-data-copy capabilities, ECSs create an efficient, reliable, and secure computing environment, ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation of services. ECSs support self-service creation, modification, and operation. You can create ECSs by specifying the CPU, memory, image specifications, and login authentication mode. After creating an ECS, you can modify its specifications as required. After creating an ECS, you can use it like using your local computer or physical server.

For details, see Elastic Cloud Server Product Introduction.


A BMS is a physical server dedicated for users. It provides remarkable computing performance and stability for running key applications. BMSs and ECSs can communicate with each other through the internal network, allowing hybrid deployment to flexibly cope with various service scenarios.

For details, see Bare Metal Server Product Introduction.


IMS provides easy-to-use self-service image management functions. You can use a private, public, or shared image conveniently. You can also create a private image using an existing cloud server or an external image file.

For details, see Image Management Service Product Introduction.

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