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How Do I Rectify a Health Check Failure?

Updated at: May 10, 2019 16:54

ELB initiates a heartbeat check on backend servers, and the load balancer communicates with backend servers over an intranet. To achieve a successful health check, you must ensure that your servers are routable from the intranet. You can perform the following steps to rectify a health check failure.

  1. Click the name of the target load balancer. Click Backend Server Groups and then click the name of the target backend server group. In the Basic Information area, click Configure on the right of Health Check.
    • Protocol and Port: Ensure that the protocol has been configured and port has been enabled for the server to be checked.
    • Check Path: If HTTP is used for health checks, check whether the health check path for the server is correct.
  2. Ensure that software, such as the firewall, in the server, does not block the health check source IP addresses.
  3. Check whether the rules of backend server security groups and network ACL allow access by, and configure the protocol and port used for health check. View the health check protocol and port from the health check configuration dialog box.
    • If the health check port is not specified, the backend server port will be used.
    • If the specified health check port is different from that of the backend server, both the health check port and service port must be permitted.
  4. If the health check failure persists, contact customer service.

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