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How Do I Install the Latest Agent ICAgent to Collect Logs?

Updated at: Aug 14, 2019 GMT+08:00

The log collection tool of Log Tank Service (LTS) is changed from the Telescope agent to the ICAgent. The latest ICAgent reduces resource usage and improves data transmission efficiency. If the ICAgent is not reinstalled, LTS functions will be restricted. This section describes how to install the latest agent ICAgent. For existing users, you can import the log collection path configured in the Telescope agent to the latest ICAgent by one click.

Installing the latest agent ICAgent

  1. Obtain the Access Key ID/Secret Access Key (AK/SK) on the My Credentials page.
    1. Log in to the management console.

    2. On the console page, move the cursor to the username in the upper right corner and choose My Credentials from the drop-down list.

    3. Click Access keys on the My Credentials page.
    4. Click Add Access Key, and enter the login password and verification code.

    5. Click OK to generate an access key and download it.

      Keep your AK/SK secure since you need them to install the ICAgent.

  2. Obtain the command for installing the ICAgent on the Log Tank Service page.
    1. Choose Service List > Management and Deployment > Log Tank Service.
    2. In the navigation pane, click Agent Management to go to the Agent Management page.
    3. Click Install ICAgent.
    4. Generate the ICAgent installation command and copy it.

      Installation mode is set to Obtain AK/SK by default. Enter the AK/SK obtained in 1 in the text box to generate the ICAgent installation command.

    5. Then, click Copy Command to copy the ICAgent installation command.
      Figure 1 Installing the ICAgent

      Ensure that the AK/SK are correct. Otherwise, the ICAgent cannot be installed.

  3. Use a remote login tool, for example, PuTTY, to log in to the server where the ICAgent is to be installed as the root user and run the preceding command to install the ICAgent.

    If the message ICAgent install success is displayed, the ICAgent is successfully installed in the /opt/oss/servicemgr/ directory.

  4. After the ICAgent is successfully installed, choose Agent Management in the LTS navigation pane to view the ICAgent status.

One-click Data Import

  1. On the Agent Management page, click the Telescope Agent tab page.
  2. Click Import to import the log collection path configured in the Telescope agent.

  3. Go to the corresponding log stream page and view log data.

    If the log data is normal, the data is imported successfully and the system automatically deletes the Telescope agent. If no log data is found, the import failed. Import the data again or contact Huawei technical support engineers.

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