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What Is ModelArts?

Updated at: Feb 26, 2020 GMT+08:00

ModelArts is a one-stop development platform for AI developers. With data preprocessing, semi-automated data labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and model deployment on the device, edge, and cloud, ModelArts helps AI developers build models quickly and manage the lifecycle of AI development.

The one-stop ModelArts platform covers all stages of AI development, including data processing, algorithm development, and model training and deployment. Technically, the underlying layer of ModelArts supports various heterogeneous computing resources. Developers can flexibly select and use the resources without considering underlying technologies. In addition, ModelArts supports popular open source AI development frameworks such as TensorFlow and MXNet. However, developers can use self-developed algorithm frameworks to match your usage habits.

ModelArts aims to simplify AI development.

ModelArts is adaptive to the requirements of AI developers of different experience. For example, service developers can use ExeML to quickly build AI applications without coding. AI beginners do not need to pay attention to model development, but directly use built-in algorithms to build AI applications. AI engineers can use multiple development environments to compile code for quick modeling and application development.

Product Architecture

ModelArts is a one-stop AI development platform that supports the entire development process, including data processing, model training, management, and deployment, and provides AI market for sharing models.

ModelArts supports various AI application scenarios, such as image classification, object detection, video analysis, speech recognition, product recommendations, and exception detection.

Figure 1 ModelArts architecture

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