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Updated at:Jan 19, 2020 GMT+08:00

CDN prices consist of two parts: basic fee and value-added service fee (optional).

Basic fee

You can choose to be billed by traffic or bandwidth. For details, see Pricing Details.

Only the traffic billing mode is available for V0 and V1 customers on the console. If you want to be billed by bandwidth, submit a service ticket.

By Traffic

If you choose traffic-based usage:

By Bandwidth

Billed by bandwidth has three options: by peak bandwidth, by 95th percentile bandwidth, and by daily average peak bandwidth. For details, see Pay per Use.

Billed by 95th percentile bandwidth and by daily average peak bandwidth are only available for customers who have a budget of more than $15,000 USD for CDN each month. If you are this type of customers, submit a service ticket to apply for it.

Value-added Service Fee

If you enabled whole site acceleration, besides the basic fee, the number of requests will be charged as well ($0.023 USD for 10,000 requests). For details, see Pricing Details.

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