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Billing Items

Updated at: Jan 14, 2020 GMT+08:00

To use HUAWEI CLOUD DWS, you only need to pay for the data warehouse node flavor you choose and corresponding resources you use. For more DWS pricing details, see the DWS Pricing Details.

Table 1 DWS billing items



Data warehouse node

You pay for the node flavor you choose. For the pricing details, see DWS Pricing Details. Two billing modes are available for node flavors:

  • Pay per use (hourly)
  • Yearly/Monthly package

For details about the preceding billing modes, see Billing Modes.

Snapshot storage space

DWS provides some free-of-charge storage space for you to store the snapshot data. However, if you use more space than the free-of-charge storage space, the excess part is charged based on the OBS billing rule. For details, see OBS Pricing Details.

The free-of-charge space is the same as the size of the total storage space of your cluster. (Free-of-charge space = Storage space of a single node x Number of nodes)

(Optional) EIP and bandwidth

  • You can bind an elastic IP address (EIP) to a data warehouse cluster, and must pay for the fee based on the EIP billing rule of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) service. For more pricing details, see Elastic IP Pricing Details.
  • You are not billed for the traffic generated by the DWS cluster on the HUAWEI CLOUD network.

(Optional) Database encryption key (DEK)

If the Encrypt DataStore function is enabled when you create a data warehouse cluster, a Data Encryption Workshop (DEW) key is required to encrypt and decrypt the database. The professional edition key is billed based on the yearly/monthly billing rule of DEW keys. For details, see Data Encryption Workshop Pricing Details.

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