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Billing Modes

Updated at: Nov 01, 2018 09:37

Elastic Volume Service (EVS) is billed by disk capacity. It provides two billing modes: pay per use and monthly/yearly subscription.



Pay per Use

Billing cycle


Post payment

EVS disks are billed by the second and settled by the hour. For a duration of less than an hour, payment is based on the actual duration that the service was used for.

Capacity change

EVS supports the expansion of disk capacities; additional capacities need to be paid.

EVS supports the expansion of disk capacities.

If you have created an EVS disk and expanded its capacity within one hour, multiple billing information will be generated. The validity period of each operation is the duration from the start time to the end time of the respective billing information.

Billing mode change

Adjusting the billing mode from a pay-per-use basis to a monthly/yearly subscription is supported.

Adjusting the billing mode from a monthly/yearly subscription to a pay-per-use basis is supported.

  • EVS does not support the reduction of disk capacities.
  • EVS does not support the change of disk types.

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