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HUAWEI CLOUD Offering Regarding Blockchain

Updated at: Mar 05, 2020 GMT+08:00

HUAWEI CLOUD provides a blockchain technology platform, called Blockchain Service (BCS), for enterprises and developers. BCS helps you quickly deploy, manage, and maintain blockchain networks on HUAWEI CLOUD, reducing the threshold for using blockchain. In this way, you can focus on the development and innovation of your own business to quickly implement business using blockchain.

Figure 1 BCS architecture

  • Infrastructure layer

    The infrastructure layer offers underlying resources required for creating a blockchain network, including resources on nodes used to compute and store data in the network. HUAWEI CLOUD enables you to conveniently purchase resources as required and deploy blockchain networks on either the edge cloud or private cloud.

  • Blockchain platform

    The blockchain service platform of HUAWEI CLOUD provides service management, channel management, and member management, among other modules. It helps you quickly create, manage, and efficiently maintain an enterprise-grade blockchain system for upper-layer applications.

  • Service application layer

    BCS can be used in multiple scenarios of various industries, such as e-government, transactions between corporation subsidiaries, supply chain logistics, and healthcare. Industry-specific applications connect to the blockchain platform to ensure data reliability and security.

  • Security management

    The HUAWEI CLOUD security system and innovative cryptography algorithms provide comprehensive security assurance for blockchain nodes, ledgers, smart contracts, and upper-layer applications.

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