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Updated at: Jul 15, 2019 GMT+08:00

Conversational Bot Service (CBS) is a cloud service developed based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for enterprise application scenarios to provide intelligent question answering,.

QABot helps enterprises quickly build, release, and manage intelligent question-answering bots.


QABot helps enterprises quickly build, release, and manage intelligent question-answering bots. It can be applied to various scenarios such as after-sales automated Q&A, agent assistant, and pre-sales consulting.

QABot offers the Q&A engine and bot management platform to help customers quickly and cost-efficiently build intelligent Q&A services. It meets users' requirements for quick launch, high-level customization, and controllable data and features high Q&A accuracy and automated learning capabilities. QABot helps enterprises cut customer service personnel costs and greatly reduces customer service response time.

QABot has the following advantages:

  • Quick builds

    Provides tools and online operation interfaces to accelerate knowledge base building, knowledge mining, and model training.

  • Leading algorithms

    Uses industry-leading AI algorithms, Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, and deep learning utilities to build the core engine.

  • Automated learning

    Enables bots to learn and train themselves based on user feedback. The more the bots are used, the more accurate they become.

  • Self-service

    Provides a full-lifecycle management interface for the knowledge base. You can add, delete, modify, and query knowledge bases, and manually debug the bot algorithm model.

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