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Application Scenarios

Updated at: Apr 13, 2020 GMT+08:00


QABot automatically answers questions from customers, collects frequently asked, easy-to-understand questions, and mines Q&A pairs and builds knowledge bases according to logs and user operation records, improving Q&A performance and reducing customer service O&M costs for enterprises.

  • After-sale automated Q&A

    In this scenario, intelligent Q&A bots are used to perform automated, highly accurate handling of customer questions across a wide range of scenarios, such as after-sales support, questions on use, and troubleshooting. Bots can handle anywhere 30-80% of the questions depending on the situation, saving you big on labor costs.

  • Agent assistant

    In this scenario, QABot improves productivity and customer satisfaction with real-time analytics and helps on improving the interaction between agents in the call center and customers. During a call, the bot automatically extracts keywords, coils problems, searches for and displays answers to matching semantics, and provides real-time support for agents.

  • Pre-sale consulting

    QABot allows you to build product knowledge bases in bots to automatically answer questions from potential customers about products and services and can even be built to explain product features and provide comparisons on related products.

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