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Updated at:May 29, 2020 GMT+08:00

Abundant Nodes

  • HUAWEI CLOUD CDN has over 2,000 acceleration nodes in the Chinese mainland and over 500 acceleration nodes outside the Chinese mainland.
  • The network-wide bandwidth is at least 100 Tbit/s.
  • Up to now, HUAWEI CLOUD CDN covers more than 130 countries and regions, connecting to over 1,600 carriers' networks. CDN precisely schedules user requests to the most appropriate edge nodes, providing efficient and reliable acceleration.

Node distribution outside the Chinese mainland


  • HUAWEI CLOUD CDN provides secure and reliable content delivery services.
  • Advanced network security functions, such as secure transmission over HTTPS and website anti-leeching, are applied throughout the entire network.

Easy Operation

  • The access mode is simple and fast, and self-service domain name configuration is provided.
  • Custom configuration for items including anti-leeching, cache policy, and HTTPS certificates, are all supported.
  • Customers can analyze statistics, manage logs, and customize cache policies easily.

Robust Reliability

  • HUAWEI CLOUD CDN supports full service acceleration, including website acceleration, download acceleration, video acceleration, and whole site acceleration.
  • One-stop acceleration solutions for a range of customers' services improve the overall user experience.

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