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Updated at: May 13, 2020 GMT+08:00

CPTS provides a one-stop performance test solution, helping you identify the performance bottlenecks of applications in advance.

Cost-Efficient Simulation of Ultra-High Concurrency

  • CPTS provides you with private test clusters. In such a test cluster, a single execution node can simulate tens of thousands of virtual users, and the entire test cluster can simulate millions of virtual users.
  • CPTS simulates millions of instantaneous concurrent requests. In this way, enterprises can identify application performance bottlenecks in high concurrency scenarios and prevent system breakdown caused by large numbers of access requests. CPTS is easy to operate and greatly reduces test time.
  • CPTS supports execution of multiple concurrent tasks. It enables you to test the performance of multiple applications at the same time, greatly improving test efficiency.

Flexible and Fast Performance Testing, Achieving Quick Application Rollout

  • Flexible protocol customization: HTTP/HTTPS tests are used to test the performance of various applications and microservice interfaces developed based on the HTTP/HTTPS protocol. TCP/UDP/WebSocket tests support the string and hexadecimal code stream modes, which meet the data construction requirements of various non-HTTP protocols.
  • Flexible combination of multiple transaction elements and test task phases: CPTS provides flexible definition of data packets and transactions, as well as simulates scenarios where multiple users perform transaction operations during traffic peaks and troughs of test tasks. All of these features make CPTS ideal for complex scenario tests. In addition, CPTS allows you to specify the number of concurrent users for each transaction at each period and simulates instantaneous service traffic.

On-demand Use of Resources in Performance Tests

  • Cloud Container Engine (CCE) resource group: Create test clusters as required to isolate the traffic between tenants and complete pressure tests on the internal or external network. After tests are complete, you can delete clusters at any time. CPTS supports real-time scale-ins, scale-outs, and upgrading of test clusters.
  • Shared (internal/external network) resource group: Use shared resource groups to debug and perform small scale concurrent pressure tests.

Quick Location of Performance Bottlenecks

  • CPTS provides professional performance test reports, including data of transaction concurrency, TPS, throughput, and response latency. Reports objectively reflect user experience. CPTS provides online and offline reports, allowing for analysis of test data at any time.
  • CPTS seamlessly interconnects with Application Performance Management (APM) and Application Operations Management (AOM). Using intelligent analysis, CPTS associates multiple monitored objects, and displays resource usage of applications, application tracing, and full-link topology. You can view the running statuses of applications in real time, and quickly locate performance bottlenecks.

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