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Application Scenarios

Updated at: May 10, 2019 16:40

Real-Time Data Processing

Vehicle traffic data is collected from each traffic hub in real time and is cached in streams. The analysis platform periodically reads data from the streams and then applies the data to the dispatching system after data analysis. In this way, the open duration of the parking lots and the traffic resources can be reasonably planned.

Real-Time File Transfer

Files generated in the customer application system are detected in real time and uploaded to the cloud for offline analysis, storage query, and machine learning. After key customers are identified and specific service is provided to them, customer satisfaction is improved.

Data Backup

A large number of rolling log files are transferred to the cloud for backup. These files can be used for data recovery and problem analysis after data loss occurs. A large number of small text files can be merged and dumped into large files to improve data processing performance.

IoT Data Analysis and Applications

With DIS SDK integrated into vehicle-mounted devices, vehicle status and monitoring data can be uploaded, analyzed, and detected in real time. In this way, the vehicle anomaly will be sensed in advance.

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