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ECS Advantages

Updated at: Nov 08, 2019 GMT+08:00

ECS supports automatic adjustment of computing resources based on service requirements and scaling policies. You can customize ECS configurations as needed, including vCPUs, memory, and bandwidth. Scalable, on-demand computing resources are provided by ECSs for secure, flexible, and efficient applications.

Stability and Reliability

  • Differentiated EVS disks

    Common I/O, high I/O, and ultra-high I/O EVS disks are available for all of your service requirements.

    Common I/O EVS disks: feature secure, reliable, and scalable. They are ideal for applications requiring large capacity, normal read/write speed, and few transactions.

    High I/O EVS disks: feature high performance, scalability, and reliability. They are ideal for applications requiring high performance, high read/write speed, and real-time data storage.

    Ultra-high I/O EVS disks: feature low latency and high performance. They are ideal for intensive read/write applications requiring extremely high performance and read/write speed, and low latency.

  • Reliable data

    Scalable, reliable high-throughput virtual block storage is based on distributed architecture. This ensures that data can be rapidly migrated and restored if any data replica is unavailable, preventing data loss caused by a single hardware fault.

  • Backup and restoration of ECSs and EVS disks

    Automatic backup policies can be preset to back up in-service ECSs and EVS disks. Additionally, the data of ECSs and EVS disks at a specified time can be automatically backed up through the management console or API.


  • Various security services are provided for multi-dimensional protection.

    Security services, such as Anti-DDoS, WAF, and VSS are available.

  • Security evaluation

    Cloud environment security evaluation helps you quickly identify security vulnerabilities and threats. Security configuration check and recommendations reduce or eliminate your loss from network viruses or attacks.

  • Intelligent process management

    Intelligent process management automatically prohibits the execution of unauthorized programs based on a customized whitelist, thereby ensuring ECS security.

  • Vulnerability scan

    Various scanning services are provided, including general web vulnerability scanning, third-party application vulnerability scanning, port detection, and fingerprint identification.

Competitive Advantage

  • Professional hardware devices

    ECSs are deployed on professional hardware devices that support in-depth virtualization optimization, relieving you of equipment-room concerns.

  • Always available virtualization resources

    Scalable, dedicated resources can be obtained from the virtualized resource pool any time, ensuring reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environments. You can use your ECS like using your local computer.

Auto Scaling

  • Automatic adjustment of computing resources

    Dynamic scaling: AS automatically increases or decreases the number of ECSs in an AS group based on monitored data.

    Periodic/Scheduled scaling: AS increases or decreases the number of ECSs in an AS group periodically or at a specified time based on service expectation and operation plan.

  • Flexible adjustment of ECS configurations

    ECS specifications and bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted based on service requirements.

  • Flexible billing modes

    Yearly/Monthly and pay-per-use billing modes allow you to purchase and release resources at any time based on service fluctuation.

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