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Advantages of MRS

Updated at: Aug 29, 2019 GMT+08:00

MRS has a powerful Hadoop kernel team and is deployed based on Huawei's enterprise-level FusionInsight big data platform. MRS has been deployed on tens of thousands of nodes and can ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for multi-level users. MRS has the following advantages:

  • High performance

    MRS supports self-developed CarbonData storage technology. CarbonData is a high-performance big data storage solution. It allows one data set to apply to multiple scenarios and supports features, such as multi-level indexing, dictionary encoding, pre-aggregation, dynamic partitioning, and quasi-real-time data query. This improves I/O scanning and computing performance and returns analysis results of tens of billions of data records in seconds. In addition, MRS supports self-developed enhanced scheduler Superior, which breaks the scale bottleneck of a single cluster and is capable of scheduling over 10,000 nodes in a cluster.

  • Low cost

    Based on diversified cloud infrastructure, MRS provides various computing and storage choices and separates computing from storage, delivering low-cost massive data storage solutions. MRS supports auto scaling to address peak and off-peak service loads, releasing idle resources on the big data platform for customers. MRS clusters can be created and scaled out when you need them, and can be terminated or scaled in after you use them, minimizing cost.

  • High security

    With Kerberos authentication, MRS provides role-based access control (RBAC) and sound audit functions. MRS is a one-stop big data platform that allows different physical isolation modes to be set up for customers in the public resource area and dedicated resource area of HUAWEI CLOUD as well as HCS Online in the customer's equipment room. A cluster supports multiple logical tenants. Permission isolation enables the computing, storage, and table resources of the cluster to be divided based on tenants.

  • Easy O&M

    MRS provides a visualized big data cluster management platform, improving O&M efficiency. MRS supports rolling patch upgrade and provides visualized patch release information and one-click patch installation without manual intervention, ensuring long-term stability of user clusters.

  • High reliability

    MRS delivers high availability (HA) and real-time SMS and email notification on all nodes.

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