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Updated at: Sep 09, 2019 GMT+08:00

Object Selection

  • Selection of source objects: You can select files and folders, object lists, or objects with a specified name prefix.
  • Filtering of source objects by condition: You can migrate source objects that have been modified or added after a specified time.

Multiple Tasks

  • For large-capacity and large-scale object migration, the Object Storage Migration Service provides the pre-migration evaluation to analyze data in buckets.
  • The system creates migration tasks in batches based on evaluation results to maximize concurrent performance of the service.
  • You can manage migration tasks in groups.

Efficient Transmission

  • Parallel migration: supports concurrent migration of multiple objects.
  • Archive data restoration: automatically restores the archive data and migrates it to the target bucket.
  • Custom domain name migration: allows you to use the customized domain name of a source bucket for the migration.
  • Object recording: records the objects that fail to be migrated and retransmit these failed objects.
  • Traffic limit: allows you to set maximum traffic bandwidths for different time segments.
  • Resumable transmission: If the network is interrupted during migration, the Object Storage Migration Service allows you to manually restart the task to transfer data from where it stops, eliminating the need to retransmit the data that has been migrated.

Result Notification

For migration tasks that may take a long period, you can use the Simple Message Notification (SMN) service to obtain migration task results through emails, SMS messages, or customized URLs.

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