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Application Scenarios

Updated at: 2018-12-04 15:14

Application Hosting

ServiceStage supports automatic on-cloud deployment and O&M, improving deployment efficiency. It is specifically suited for enterprise IT systems and Internet applications.

ServiceStage has the following advantages:

  • Automatic deployment

    Template-based and graphical application orchestration enables automatic deployment with a few clicks.

  • Hitless upgrade

    Applications on a device are upgraded without taking the device offline, ensuring service continuity.

  • Automatic O&M

    Rich functions, including application topology, monitoring, alarms, logs, and call chains, are provided for automatic O&M.

Microservice Applications

ServiceStage improves scalability and efficiency of development, deployment, and O&M, and accelerates service innovation for e-commerce and gaming applications.

ServiceStage has the following advantages:

  • Usable out-of-the-box

    Integrates capabilities such as microservice registration, discovery, communication, and governance.

  • One-stop lifecycle management

    Manages clusters and software repositories, and supports application development, release, and O&M.

  • Performance monitoring

    Provides the commercial Application Performance Management (APM) service and supports application topologies and call chains.

SaaS Applications

ServiceStage provides multi-tenant solutions that enable enterprises to sell services. These solutions are specifically suited for SaaS applications in the energy and education domains.

ServiceStage has the following advantages:

  • Multi-tenant isolation

    Provides a physical/logical multi-tenant solution to isolate tenant data.

  • Automatic deployment

    Supports automatic deployment of applications by tenants.

  • Multi-tenant O&M

    Supports unified upgrade, monitoring, alarms, logs, and performance analysis for multiple tenants.

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