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What Are Benefits of SMS?

Updated at: Mar 12, 2020 GMT+08:00
  • Easy to use
    • You only need to install and configure the migration Agent on the source servers and create the migration task on SMS. SMS will complete the migration.
    • You only need three steps to create a migration task. Select the source server and target ECS, configure them, and confirm task information.
  • Smooth service switchover

    Workloads can be seamlessly migrated to the target ECSs without interrupting services during migration. Downtime during the last data cutover is minimal. After the incremental data is synchronized in the last time, services start immediately.

  • Strong compatibility
    • SMS migrates VMs on mainstream private or public clouds and x86 physical servers.
    • SMS supports migration of more than 90 mainstream Windows Server and Linux Server OSs.
  • Fast transmission
  • High security
    • SMS uses AKs and SKs to authenticate migration Agent identities.
    • SMS uses SSL to encrypt the transmission channel to ensure your data security.
    • The certificates and secret keys used for SSL encryption are generated dynamically.

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