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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated at: Nov 08, 2018 15:29

What Are User Quotas?

HUAWEI CLOUD limits the quotas of user resources, that is, the number and capacity of resources. If the existing resource quota cannot meet your service requirements, you can submit an application to the work order system to increase your resource quota. Once your application is approved, HUAWEI CLOUD will update your resource quota accordingly and send you a notification.

How Can I Select a Region?

A region is a geographical area.

Follow the proximity principle when selecting a region. This principle helps reduce network latency and improve access to services.

Do Products Vary Depending on Different Regions?

Yes. The products launched in different regions may be different.

Sophisticated product services are deployed on every server. However, new trial services are released only in some regions.

Is Cross-Region Application DR Supported?

Huawei Enterprise Cloud supports application disaster recovery (DR) between different regions.

You can deploy the active and standby nodes of an application in different regions. If the active node becomes faulty, the standby node immediately takes over services, ensuring service continuity.

Does Huawei Enterprise Cloud Provide the Application DR Service?

At present, no standard DR plan is provided. However, if you need the DR function, contact Huawei technical support, and Huawei will customize a DR plan for you based on your application scenarios.

Can Components of an Application Be Deployed in Different Regions?

Yes. Although this deployment is supported, it is not recommended.

Huawei recommends that you deploy different components of an application within the same region so that they can communicate over an intranet. This type of deployment improves network communication between these components and eliminates the bandwidth cost that is induced by communication over a public network.

Do Service Prices Vary Depending on Different Regions?

At present, the service prices for different regions are the same. However, the prices may vary in the future.

What Is an Availability Zone?

An availability zone (AZ) is a geographical area, typically an independent physical equipment room, where electricity and networks are isolated from those in other areas. AZs are isolated by intranets. One region can be divided into multiple AZs. Faults in one AZ will not adversely affect the services of other AZs.

Is Data Transmission Between AZs Charged?

Data transmission between AZs in the same region is for free. However, if data is transmitted across regions, there will be fees for bandwidth consumption.

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