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How to Use International SMS

Updated at: Jun 03, 2019 18:26

Registering with HUAWEI CLOUD

  1. Register for a HUAWEI CLOUD account.

    Note: To register for an account at HUAWEI CLOUD (International), you must bind a credit card.

  2. Start enterprise real-name authentication.

    The real-name authentication details will be reviewed within three working days. After your request is approved, the authentication is complete.

Applying for the SMS Service

Enable the Message&SMS service.

Note: Before enabling the Message&SMS service, read the Message&SMS Service Usage Statement. Next, click Enable Now to enable the Message&SMS service.

Creating an SMS Application

  1. Create an SMS application.
  2. Obtain the APP_Key, APP_Secret, Application Access Address, and Channel No. by logging in to the Message&SMS console and choosing International SMS > Application Management.

Applying for an SMS Template

  1. Before applying for a template, read the SMS Template Content Review Criteria.
  2. Apply for an SMS template.

Sending SMSs

Checking the Send Status

You can check the SMS send status by following the instructions provided in How Do I Determine Whether an SMS Is Sent Successfully.

If an SMS fails to be sent, troubleshoot the problem by following the instructions provided in Troubleshooting Commissioning Problems and resend the SMS.

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