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How to Use International SMS

Updated at: Sep 11, 2019 15:17

Usage Flow




Registering with HUAWEI CLOUD

Register for a HUAWEI CLOUD account.

To register for an account at HUAWEI CLOUD (International), you must bind a credit card.

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Registering an Account

Differences Between HUAWEI CLOUD (China) and HUAWEI CLOUD (International)

What Steps Need I Perform to Register an Account?

Adding a Payment Method

Applying for the SMS Service

Enable the Message&SMS service.

Before enabling the Message&SMS service, read the Message&SMS Service Usage Statement. Next, click Enable Now to enable the Message&SMS service.

Creating an SMS Application

  1. Create an SMS application.
  2. Obtain the Application Key, Application Secret, Application Access Address, and Channel No. by logging in to the Message&SMS console and choosing International SMS > Application Management.

By default, only one application quota is configured. To add more application quotas, contact the operation manager.

Applying for an SMS Template

  1. Before applying for a template, read the Template and Variable Specifications.
  2. Apply for an SMS template.

If an application is submitted between 09:00 and 18:00 (GMT+08:00) on a workday, it will be reviewed within 2 hours. If the submission date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the application will be reviewed on the next workday.

Sending SMSs


Checking the Send Status

You can check the SMS send status by following the instructions provided in How Do I Determine Whether an SMS Is Sent Successfully.

If an SMS fails to be sent, troubleshoot the problem by following the instructions provided in Troubleshooting Commissioning Problems and resend the SMS.

Service Flow





Online customer

Create an SMS application.

Each online customer can create only one SMS application.

To add more application quotas, contact the operation manager.

Apply for an SMS template.

The number of SMS templates applied by each one customer is unlimited.

The operation manager reviews the application.

Call the SMS API.

An SMS can be sent to a maximum of 1000 numbers.


Use the Group SMS Assistant service.

Only the template with no variable can be used.

SMSs can be sent at scheduled time. Plan the time properly.

Online customer/customer server

Receive and respond to an SMS status report.

  • When an SMS API is called, the statusCallback parameter specifies the address to which an SMS status report is sent.
  • Authentication is not required if the SMS platform sends SMS status reports to the customer server.
  • A customer server sends a 200 message in response after receiving an SMS status report.

The SMS platform pushes SMS status reports to the customer server. Ensure that the address specified by the statusCallback parameter is available.

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