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Step 2: Buy a NAT Gateway

Updated at: Dec 05, 2019 GMT+08:00


If your servers need to provide external services, you can buy a NAT gateway.


  • When buying a NAT gateway, you must specify its VPC, subnet, and type.
  • Ensure that the VPC does not have a default route.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Network, click NAT Gateway.
  3. On the displayed page, click Buy NAT Gateway.
    Figure 1 Buy NAT Gateway
  4. Set the parameters as prompted. For details, see Table 1.
    Table 1 Parameter description




    Specifies the region where the NAT gateway is located.

    Billing Mode

    Specifies the billing mode for the NAT gateway. NAT gateways are billed on a pay-per-use basis.


    Specifies the name of the NAT gateway. The value is a string of 1 to 64 characters consisting of digits, letters, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).


    Specifies the VPC to which the NAT gateway belongs. You can select the VPC which is not used by other NAT gateways and has no default route.


    Specifies the VPC subnet to which the NAT gateway belongs.

    The subnet has at least one available IP address.


    Specifies the type of the NAT gateway.

    The value can be Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-large. You can click Learn more on the page to view details about each type.

    Enterprise Project

    Specifies the enterprise project to which the NAT gateway belongs. If an enterprise project is configured for a NAT gateway, the NAT gateway belongs to this enterprise project. If you do not specify an enterprise project, the default enterprise project will be used.


    Provides supplementary information about the NAT gateway. The description can contain a maximum of 255 characters.

    After the preceding parameters are set, the NAT gateway price will be displayed. You can click Price Details on the page to view pricing details.

  5. Click Next. The page for you to confirm the NAT gateway specifications is displayed.
  6. If you do not need to modify the information, click Submit.

    It takes 1 to 5 minutes to create a NAT gateway.

  7. On the NAT Gateway homepage, check the NAT gateway status.

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