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What Is ServiceStage

Introduction to ServiceStage


ServiceStage is an application and microservice management platform that helps enterprises simplify application lifecycle management from deployment, monitoring, and O&M, to governance. ServiceStage provides a full-stack solution for enterprises to develop microservice, mobile, and web applications. This solution helps you easily migrate various applications onto the cloud, making enterprises focus on service innovation to achieve digital transformation.


Microservice Application Solution

Supports the microservice running environment of the ServiceComb, Spring Cloud, and Service Mesh frameworks.

Web Application Lifecycle Management

ServiceStage greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise-level web application development and O&M, making enterprises focus on service innovation.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Based on the ServiceStage pipeline, the integration environment is unified and the delivery process is standardized. You can implement the self-service development, self verification, integration verification, and rollout.

Entry Level

Dedicated for new users

Advanced Level

Scenarios-based techniques

Training and Certifications

Training the cloud talents of the future