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Block Browser

Updated at: Mar 19, 2020 GMT+08:00

You can query blockchain information required for maintenance, including the block quantity, transaction quantity, block details, transaction details, performance, and peer statuses.


  1. Open the block browser page.

    1. Log in to the BCS console.
    2. Click Manage Blockchain in the Operation column of the service list.
    3. Enter the username, password, and verification code, and click Log In.
    4. Choose Block Browser in the navigation tree on the left.

  2. Select a channel from the Channel drop-down list box. Real-time data is displayed in the lower part of the page.
  3. You can view the following data in the block browser.

    Table 1 Data




    Number of peers in the selected channel


    Number of chaincodes in the selected channel, that is, the number of the chaincode versions


    Number of generated blocks


    Number of transactions that have been performed

    Block details

    Click the Block List tab to view the block hash, data hash, and creation time of recent blocks.

    Transaction details

    • Click the Transaction List tab to view the information about recent transactions such as the transaction IDs, creators' MSPs, and creation time.
    • Click View Details in the Operation column of the transaction list to view more details about the transaction.

    Performance analysis

    The line charts show the trends of performance data, helping you know the performance status.

    • Block performance: Click Block to view changes in the block quantity. Move the pointer along the curve to view the number of blocks at different time points.
    • Transaction performance: Click Transaction to view changes in the transaction quantity. Move the pointer along the curve to view the number of transactions at different time points.

    You can select a time granularity (hours or minutes) in the upper right corner of the chart.

    Transaction quantity of organizations

    The pie chart shows the percentage of each organization's transactions.


    Move the pointer on the pie chart to view the transaction quantity and percentage of each organization.

    Peer status

    You can view the running statuses of all peers in the selected channel to detect exceptions of peers in time.

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