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Viewing Bill Analysis

Updated at: Jan 14, 2020 GMT+08:00

You can view the cost trend and distribution of a certain period in multiple dimensions.


The following describes how to view the cost trend. The steps to view the cost distribution are similar.

  1. Go to the Cost Breakdown page.
  2. Click the Cost Trend tab.
  3. Set the filter criteria to view the cost trend data.

    1. By month/By day: Set the queried time period.
    2. Chart: Select a line chart, column chart, or stacked column chart.
    3. Dimension: Data can be filtered by product type, product specification, region, linked account, billing mode, usage type, or activated tag. For details about how to activate or deactivate a tag, see Setting Cost Allocation Tags.
    4. Filter: Set the filter to include or exclude certain types of data.
    5. Calculation Method
      • Expenditures: View the expenditure trend by month or day.
      • Costs: View the cost trend by month or day. Cost amortization rules: For pay-per-use products, the daily cost is calculated based on usage. For yearly/monthly and reserved instance products, Amortized daily cost = Order amount/Number of total valid days. If there is any unsubscription, a negative value is recorded for the cost and the handling fee is counted into the cost of the day.
    6. Advanced option: Set whether the cost trend data is based on the official price or net value.
      • Net value: Cash actually paid after cash coupon deductions.
      • Official price: The sale price of products with no commercial discounts and promotion discounts applied on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website.

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