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Topping Up/Repaying for an Account

Updated at: Nov 27, 2019 GMT+08:00


You can set a balance alert on the Overview page. You will receive a text message when your balance is less than the preset threshold.

Prepaid customers need to top up before spending. They can top up the account on the Overview page. Postpaid customers can spend first and then repay the billed expenditures on the Overview page.

Top-up and repayment are not supported for enterprise member accounts.

Prepaid customers who have not bound a credit card cannot top up or repay. For details about how to bind a credit card, see Adding a Payment Method.

When a customer associates with a partner, the customer can choose the Referral or Resell mode.

  • In Referral mode, customers pay for their orders by themselves.
  • In Resell mode, customers' account balance is allocated by the associated partner.


  1. Go to the Overview page.
  2. Click Top Up or Repay.
  3. Select a payment method.

    • Online Payment

      Enter a repayment amount and click Repay. You are redirected to the payment page. Complete the payment process.

    • Bank Transfer

      After transferring money to the standard top-up account, click Transfer Ticket and submit a corresponding service ticket. After HUAWEI CLOUD processes the ticket, the money will be transferred to your HUAWEI CLOUD account. For details about how to create a service ticket, see Submitting a Service Ticket.

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