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Paying an Order

Updated at:Sep 16, 2020 GMT+08:00

To use the products in an order, pay the order first. Unpaid orders are listed on the Orders page. You can pay these orders within seven days of placement.


  1. Go to the Orders page.
  2. To pay yearly/monthly orders, click the Yearly/Monthly > Pending Payment tab. To pay reserved instance orders, click the Reserved instances > Pending Payment tab.

    Customers who have enabled project group management can filter their project groups. If you have set an enterprise project for an order, attribution of the fees in the bill will not change. (Even if you change the enterprise project for the yearly/monthly resource in the future, the enterprise project to which the fees belong will not change.)

  3. Select a payment option.

    • Single payment: Click Pay for a desired order.

    • Combined payment: Select desired orders and click Combine Payments.

      You need to batch pay or cancel multiple orders that are created for the combination of products you have purchased. If some orders of combined products are pending review, the orders that have been reviewed cannot be paid, either. You can only pay after all orders have been reviewed.

  4. Select preferences and a payment method, and click Pay.

    • For customers who enable protection for sensitive operations, a secondary authentication is required for order payment.
    • If a customer places an order in which the product overlaps with that in the standard sales contract, when the customer pays the order, a message indicating "Please verify whether this order is independent of the contract. Otherwise, you cannot make the payment." will be displayed.
    • Preferences include discounts and coupons.
      • Discounts include commercial discounts, partner authorized discounts, partner adjusted discounts, and discount coupons. These types of discounts are mutually exclusive to each other.

        If a customer uses a discount (promotional discount, discount coupon, commercial discount, or partner authorized discount) that has expired to pay an order, a pop-up window asking the customer to change the discount will be displayed. Expired discounts cannot be used.

        For example:

        A customer places an order at 2018/11/26 23:12:32 using a commercial discount, which is originally valid between 2018-11-01 00:00:00 and 2018-11-30 23:59:59. If the customer pays the order after 2018/12/01 00:00:00, the commercial discount cannot be used any more because it has expired. The customer needs to choose another discount.

      • Coupons include cash coupons.

        For specification changes of ECS, EVS, and VPC, select available discounts on the order confirmation page. Discounts cannot be changed later on the payment page, but cash coupons can be added to the payment.

        After a partner sets a discount for an associated customer's order, the customer cannot reset it when paying the order.

    • The system supports three payment modes: balance payment, online payment, and monthly bill settlement.

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