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Viewing Expenditure Details

Updated at: Jan 14, 2020 GMT+08:00

Your expenditures are displayed by transaction, for example, the details of paying a yearly/monthly subscription at a certain point in time.

Viewing Expenditure Details

  1. Go to the Expenditures page.
  2. Click a tab to view the bill details.
  3. Select an expenditure type and set search criteria to filter desired expenditure records.

    If you have enabled project group management, you can select a project group from the drop-down list next to Expenditures to view the expenditures on this project group.

    On the Expenditures page, Date indicates the time of payment for yearly/monthly products or the time period of cloud service usage for pay-per-use products. If the hourly expenditure of pay-per-use products is less than 0.01 dollars, these fees will be summed up for settlement. As a result, the transaction time may be different from the expenditure time.

    When you purchase, renew, or upgrade the following products or when these products are billed on a pay-per-use basis, Global is displayed for Region.

    • Domain Registration
    • Domain Name Service
    • Server Migration Service
    • IoT Provisioning
    • OceanLink
    • Voice Call
    • Message & SMS
    • Private Number
    • Internet RTC

  4. Click Details to go to the Transaction Overview page.
  5. The system displays the expenditure amount and discounts of the transaction.

Downloading Expenditure Details

  1. Click Export on the upper part of the page to export yearly/monthly or pay-per-use bills. You can export data in a maximum of one calendar month when exporting expenditure details.

    When the billing mode is Pay-per-Use and the usage type is 95Peak, Average Daily Peak, or Enhanced 95Peak, you can click Export on the Details page to export the 95th percentile billing details, including the billing method, valid days, billed bandwidth, calculation description, and statistical points.

  2. You can see the exported content on the Billing Center > Bills > Export History page.

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