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Viewing Expenditure Items

Updated at:Sep 16, 2020 GMT+08:00

When viewing expenditure items, your expenditures are displayed by transaction, for example, the details of paying a yearly/monthly subscription at a certain point of time. You can view your expenditure items from January 2019 to this day.


  1. Go to the Expenditure Items page.
  2. Set search criteria to view the transaction data.

    • Billing Cycle: Time frame between billings for an account. It is determined by HUAWEI CLOUD and is generally one natural month. When a billing cycle ends, the system calculates all the fees that a customer needs to pay during the billing cycle and generates a bill.
    • Enterprise Project: The enterprise project to which the cloud resource belongs. If no enterprise project is selected when the customer purchases a product, it will be put under the default enterprise project: default.
    • Expenditure Time: Time when the expenditure occurs. For yearly/monthly products, it is the time of payment, while for pay-per-use products, it is the period from the effective time to the expiration time of the resource.
    • Order No./Transaction No.: Link to an order No./Transaction No., from which you can view all details of the order or transaction.
    • Bill Type: Type of a bill, such as expenditure, refund, and account adjustment.
    • Transaction Time: Time when the fee is deducted for an expenditure.
    • List Price: The sale price of a product with no commercial discounts and promotion discounts applied on the HUAWEI CLOUD official website. List price = Discount amount + Truncated amount + Amount due.
    • Amount: Amount that a customer should pay for used cloud services after discounts have been applied. The discounts include promotional discounts, discount coupons, commercial discounts, and partner authorized discounts. Amount due = Cash payments + Cash coupon used + Monthly settlement. Click on the right of the amount due to select whether to hide expenditures of 0 dollar.

      Cash payment is usually for orders you pay online.

    • Monthly settlement: Fees settled monthly, such as the yearly/monthly or pay-per-use expenditure amount that is settled at the end of a month.
    • Payment status: Unbilled, Uncleared, and Paid.

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