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List of Cloud Service Products That You Cannot Unsubscribe From

Updated at: Jan 14, 2020 GMT+08:00
  • Trial cloud services
  • DevCloud products
  • One-off billed cloud services
  • Pay-per-use package products (excluding cloud server backups and data warehouses)
  • Free cloud services
  • Expired cloud services
  • Cloud services that have been frozen for security reason
  • Products for which other transactions are in progress
  • Resources purchased previously using stored value cards after the customer is associated with a reseller in advance payment mode
  • Marketplace cloud services for which an invoice has been issued
  • Cloud services that have participated in a special reward event, such as promotion packages, promotion coupons, promotion coupon gift packs, discount coupon plans, lucky draws, and recommendation for gift (cloud bean)
  • Resources for which a special unsubscription has been requested (handling fee relief or expenditure amount relief being reviewed)
  • Unsubscription not supported for other reasons:

    1) The customer has subscribed to a support plan and used its value-added benefits.

    2) There is a combined subscription relationship.

    3) The resource does not exist.

    4) The subscription relationship has been archived and dumped.

    5) The senior benefit has been used for trial.

  • The following types of cloud services cannot be unsubscribed from (see Table 1):
    Table 1 Cloud service products that you cannot unsubscribe from


    Cloud Service


    Dedicated Cloud


    Direct Connect


    Data Ingestion Service


    Artificial Intelligence Service


    Machine Learning Service


    Elasticsearch Service


    IoT Device Management


    Simple Message Notification


    Domain Registration




    Data Encryption Workshop


    Contact Center


    Advanced Anti-DDoS


    CCE HCS Agile


    Dedicated Cloud Bare Metal Server


    Dedicated Cloud Server Backup


    Dedicated Cloud Storage

  • For cloud services in the Marketplace that you cannot unsubscribe from, see Unsubscription Rules on the Marketplace.

    In addition, the following types of resources are not displayed on the Billing Center > Unsubscriptions page:

    1) One-off billed products. They become invalid immediately after purchase and will not be displayed.

    2) Reserved instances, which need to be unsubscribed from on the cloud service page rather than in the Billing Center.

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