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What Is Cloud Container Engine?

Updated at: Aug 27, 2019 20:50

Cloud Container Engine (CCE) provides highly scalable, high-performance, enterprise-class Kubernetes clusters and supports Docker containers. With CCE, you can easily deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications on HUAWEI CLOUD.

CCE is deeply integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD services, including high-performance computing (ECS/BMS), network (VPC/EIP/ELB), and storage (EVS/OBS/SFS) services. It supports heterogeneous computing architectures such as GPU, ARM, and FPGA. By using multi-AZ and multi-region disaster recovery, CCE ensures high availability of Kubernetes clusters.

You can use CCE by using the console, kubectl, and APIs. Before using the CCE service, learn about the concepts related to Kubernetes. For details, see

  • Junior users: You are advised to use the CCE console. The console provides an intuitive interface for you to complete operations such as creating clusters or workloads.
  • Advanced users: If you have experience in using kubectl, you are advised to use the kubectl and APIs to perform operations. For details, see Kubernetes API and kubectl CLI.

For details about the CCE, see Service Overview.

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