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Viewing Migration Tasks

Updated at: Feb 29, 2020 GMT+08:00


After creating a migration task, you can view the migration progress and details at any time to stay tuned for the execution status.


  1. Log in to the management console and enter the Object Storage Migration Service page.
  2. In the upper right corner of the migration task list, set filter criteria to search for migration tasks.

    • Task group ID box: If a migration task is issued by creating a migration task group, you can enter the task group ID to filter all the migration tasks in that task group.

      Obtain the task group ID from the Migration Task Group page.

    • All statuses box: See Table 1 to learn more about the statuses.
      Table 1 Migration task statuses



      Waiting to migrate

      A migration task is created, and background initialization is ongoing or other migration tasks are ongoing, causing this task to wait.


      A migration task is ongoing and object data is being migrated from the source platform to HUAWEI CLOUD.

      Migration paused

      A migration task is paused. You can resume the task.

      Migration succeeded

      The source servers in the migration task have been successfully migrated.

      Migration failed

      The migration task fails, and the migration is not complete. You can restart a failed task.

  3. Click View Details in the lower right corner of a task to view details about that task.

    The migration task details include the number of migrated objects and parameters for creating a migration task.

    You can click the name of the destination OBS bucket to view the object storage data that has been migrated to HUAWEI CLOUD.

    If traffic limit is enabled for a task in the migrating status, you can click next to Traffic Limit to modify the traffic limiting rule for the task.

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