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What Is Software Repository for Container?

Updated at: Mar 14, 2019 20:10

Software Repository for Container (SWR) provides easy, secure, and reliable management of container images throughout their lifecycles, facilitating quick deployment of containerized services.

Basic Concepts

  • Image: A Docker image is a special file system that includes all the programs, libraries, resources, and configuration files required to run containers. It also includes some configuration parameters (such as anonymous volumes, environment variables, and users) required for running. An image does not contain any dynamic data, and its content remains unchanged after being built.
  • Container: A container is an entity that runs Docker images, which are static definitions. The relationship between an image and a container is similar to that of a class and an instance in the object-oriented program design. A container can be created, started, stopped, deleted, or suspended.
  • Organization: An organization is used to isolate images and assign access permissions (read, edit, and manage) to different users.

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