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Application Scenarios

Updated at: Apr 03, 2019 22:48

Microservice Application Solution

Provides ServiceComb, Spring Cloud, and Service Mesh, helping customers build enterprise-grade microservice platforms.

ServiceStage has the following advantages:

  • API First

    Supports API management based on Swagger.

  • Multi-language microservice

    Supports multiple programming languages, such as Java, Go, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Python.

  • Open technology

    Supports ServiceComb, SpringCloud, and Service Mesh.

Web Application Solution

One-stop O&M platform greatly improves the efficiency of enterprise-grade web application development and O&M.

ServiceStage has the following advantages:

  • One-click deployment

    Deploys WAR, JAR, and ZIP software packages or source code with a few clicks.

  • One-stop O&M

    Provides various O&M capabilities such as upgrades, rollback, log, monitoring, and elastic provisioning.

  • Seamless integration

    Supports seamless integration with cloud services and applications, such as ELB, RDS, and DCS.

Mobile Application Solution

Provides general mobile application backend services to accelerate the development efficiency of enterprises' mobile applications.

  • Out-of-the-box

    Provides basic services such as user, message, data, image, and video services.

  • Hardware platform support capability

    Provides the Android, iOS, and H5 client SDKs.

  • Seamless integration

    Supports seamless integration with cloud services and applications, such as ELB, RDS, and DCS.

Continuous Delivery Solution

Implements "self-service" development, integration, verification, and rollout through the entire process based on the ServiceStage pipeline.

  • Continuous delivery environment generation with a few clicks

    Automatically generates application framework code, build, deploy, and test environments.

  • Multi-language application management

    Supports Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, and .NET.

  • Multi-source code repositories

    Supports CodeHub, GitHub, Gitee, GitLib, and Bitbucket.

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