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Methods of Purchasing an ECS

Updated at: Jun 20, 2019 16:54
You can purchase an ECS either on the Build Your Own or Customize Your Own page.
  • Build Your Own: On this page, the ECS to be purchased uses the following configurations by default: The ECS is of general computing S6 series (S3 series by default for certain AZs where S6 series have not been released) and billed in yearly/monthly payments; the AZ is randomly allocated; the default security group is used; an EIP is automatically assigned. Build Your Own enables you to quickly purchase ECSs within several minutes, improving configuration efficiency.
  • Customize Your Own: On this page, you can flexibly configure parameters based on application scenarios, such as the billing mode and ECS specifications to better suit your service requirements.

If you have registered with HUAWEI CLOUD, you can log in to the management console and access your ECSs. If you have not registered, register yourself on HUAWEI CLOUD. After the registration, your account can be used to access all public cloud services, including your ECSs.

Logging In to the Management Console

  1. Visit the HUAWEI CLOUD website at
  2. Register an account.

    Before purchasing an ECS, obtain a HUAWEI CLOUD account. If your account is available, start from 3.
    1. On the right of the top navigation bar, click Register.
    2. Complete the registration as instructed.

      After the registration, the system automatically redirects you to your personal information page.

  3. On the right of the top navigation bar, click Login and enter the username and password.
  4. On the right of the top navigation bar, click Console to go to the management console.

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